Texas Real Energy, as a private company that buys & resale Oil commodities, we’re not broker or traders we are end buyers. We also  resale to private companies. We’re the Principal BUYER that deal DIRECT to title sources of fuel. To obtain allocations information availability your need to send us:

  • Buyer’s Profile

  • Buyer’s Financial Capability

  • Buyer’s Purchasing Experience

Texas Real Energy, some Direct Sources for Fuel & Crude:

  • Abu Dhabi (ADNOC)

  • Iraq (SOMO)

  • Saudi Arabia (ARAMCO)

  • Russia (Gazprom, Rosneft)

  • Nigeria (NNPC)

  • Mexico (Pemex)

  • Vital U.S.

Texas Real Energy, & Associates partners have direct access to Refineries to buyers and sellers of LPG, LNG, CNG & Natural Gas to selected clients.

  • LNG: We work with our current daily market, we have genuine suppliers and buyers for LNG from Mexico, Chile, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, China and India.
    TRE can buy different amount of LNG (Russian or Qatari LNG) based on your supplying / request capability or capacity.
  • LPG: Liquefied petroleum Gas or Liquid petroleum Gas (LPG)] – 50%Propane & 50% Butane Mix & Separated
  • CNG: (Compressed Natural Gas)
    TRE. Inform that due to current daily market, we have serious buyers for LPG from Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Pakistan Thailand and Ukraine.

Texas Real Energy. will extend purchasing introductions to smaller private buyers who do not qualify
to purchase from the major refineries due to a weak Company Profile or lack of Purchasing Experience or Price Target.

SECONDARY MARKET: involves purchasing from re seller or traders, this is a very volatile market and therefore patience is highly recommended as this market is very competitive and sellers tend to sell their products to the highest bidders which can lead to non performance (be aware)

We however deal with proven re sellers who respect our relationship and therefore honor our buyers requests these re sellers may however have allocation availability delays from time to time due to high demand.

Note: Texas Real Energy Inc, is not legally responsible FOR any promises MADE BY a third party.

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